Not sure what equipments you need when opening a Central Kitchen?

The best way to figure out what you need is to visit our factory and display centre at Bommasandra where you can have a feel of all the items.

But in the meanwhile, we have made a recommended list of products to point you in the right direction so that you can get your journey started without delay!

Do call us on 9342566702 to schedule an appointment at the factor with our team

A) Preparation Equipment
1. Potato Peeler
2. Vegetable Cutter
3. Pulveriser
4. Wet Grinder
5. Meat Mincer

B) Cooking Equipment
1. 2 Burner cooking range
2. Stock pot
3. Chinese cooking range
4. Deep Fat Fryer

C) Heating and Serving
1. Bain Marie
2. Pick up table

D) Washing Equipment
1. 2 unit sink
2. Pot wash
3. Pre- rinser
4. Dish loading table
5. Dish unloading table
6. Dish washer

E) Storage and tables
1. 2’x4’ Work table
2. Pot rack
3. Storage rack

F) Refrigeration
1. Chillers
2. Freezers

G) Ventilation System
1. Blower
2. Ducting

H) Fire Extinguishers
1. ABC type
2. K type